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Media Production

Q. I got an idea for a crowdfunding promo video but don’t really know where to start?

A. We’d love to help! We offer free 30 min. consultation to help you project plan and produce a compelling marketing video for your idea. Contact Kiera to schedule a meet and great meeting.


Q. I’m starting a vlog and want our logo to be interactive. Can you make it so my logo animates and moves on the screen?

A. Absolutely! Logo animations strengthen the relationship between brand and the content you produce. Both internal and external corporate videos can benefit from an update to static logos. Send us your existing logo and we’ll follow up within 1 business day to discuss ideas.


Imig Audio Video Logo Animated

Q. I have some historic and memorable motion films I’d like to preserve and archive. Can you all help me with that?

A. We can convert any analog motion or still media into high definition digital media and can enhance audio quality. Send Oscar in our media department an email.

Event/Training/Corporate Video Questions:

Q:I have a presentation that needs to be recorded and I and one other person will be speaking. Can you do this?

A:Yes, our digital camera can handle two individual microphones and that will be no problem.


Q:What if we have 3 or 4 speakers?

A: If there are 3 or more speakers we to contact rental and staging to assist with an audio board and a technician to make sure we get audible audio.


Q: I will be using power point and some video in my presentation, what can you do to show it?

A: I can show it in two ways. When you refer to the power point or the video I can move the camera to the presentation and capture the image on camera and the quality will be good. For the best quality, give me the video and Power Point Projects so I can edit the content in the final video.


Q: When complete, I need the video to be on the company’s webpage but I don’t know where to start? OR :I need to put this on Youtube and Vimeo, can you do this?

A: I would like to speak to your IT Technician. I’ll talk to him directly and figure out what video format he needs. OR : I can do that. If you would like I can give you the appropriate files you’ll need to place your videos on those sites or I’ll be glad enough to do it myself.


Digital Questions:

Q: I have some video from an old camera; can you transfer it to a DVD?

A: We can transfer VHS, Digital 8, High 8, Beta SP, Reel to Reel, DV & mini DV tapes to DVD.


Q: I have an Audio Recording on my phone/Apple Product/Voice Mail/Digital Recorder and need it to be transferred to an Audio File/CD. Can this happen?

A: Yes.

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Events and A/V Equipment Rental

Q: What screen should go in this room?A: We have worked in nearly every venue in Anchorage and can provide you with excellent planning for your event.


Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes. You can pick up the equipment from our Fairbanks office or we can deliver it anywhere. Please call ahead so we can stage your needed equipment.


Q: Can I order something onsite?

A: Absolutely. We house a large percentage of our equipment at our convention and hotel preferred provider locations. Our fleet of vans and quality personnel can also deliver it quickly whenever you need it.


Q: Do you have pictures of your equipment and sets?

A: Yes, we would be happy to send you some from our database of event pictures.


Q: Is there WiFi at the Anchorage Convention Centers?

A: Yes, there is but has limited bandwidth. For specific applications we can supply you with bandwidth speeds upwards of 100mbps.


Q: Are you able to provide a static IP address?

A: Yes, we are able to provide a solution to any requirement for your event.


Q: I’m an exhibitor. How do I order equipment or internet from you?

A: Just call us. We can find out exactly what you need to enhance your booth experience for your clients.

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