Business Meeting Ideas

Power of AV

Business Meeting Ideas


Business communications is now centered around a dynamic presenter, and powerful Audio Visual tools.  Most every meeting has AV support and using it effectively can maximize the investment and make meetings more powerful and memorable.  Here are a few quick suggestions to make your meeting or presentation ‘come alive.’



–      Never have a blank screen.  Use that large screen video and computer image along with quality sound to set or change the mood for the entire meeting.  Use this valuable pre and post time for sponsor logos or other messages, moving or static.  Don’t wait for the keynote video presentation, plan for the screen to be working for you the entire time.  Save your Logo to the Desktop Background. Just having  a simple logo on the screen throughout can be impactful. Save your logo to your desktop in case the Powerpoint Presentation closes.  Displaying the stock windows logo doesn’t help your company.

–      Change the lights at show meeting time.  A simple change of the lights directs your audience to the most important thing in the room – your presentation.  Instead of turning up the sound, dim the lights, and people will listen to you.

–      Play music before, after and during your event.  Sound systems can shape the atmosphere of a room and use them continuously to play music that either relaxes or excites depending.  Hi-fidelity sound and music is a powerful motivator.  Build suspense, add tension or just relax with carefully selected background music.  Sound effects can surprise or emphasize a point before or during the presentation.  Add some humor and you’ve got the beginnings of a meeting that people will remember!


In short, look at your A/V system and ask “How can sound, video and light help me hold attention.”

Greg Imig