Business Meeting Ideas

Power of AV

Business Meeting Ideas


Business communications is now centered around a dynamic presenter, and powerful Audio Visual tools.  Most every meeting has AV support and using it effectively can maximize the investment and make meetings more powerful and memorable.  Here are a few quick suggestions to make your meeting or presentation ‘come alive.’



–      Never have a blank screen.  Use that large screen video and computer image along with quality sound to set or change the mood for the entire meeting.  Use this valuable pre and post time for sponsor logos or other messages, moving or static.  Don’t wait for the keynote video presentation, plan for the screen to be working for you the entire time.  Save your Logo to the Desktop Background. Just having  a simple logo on the screen throughout can be impactful. Save your logo to your desktop in case the Powerpoint Presentation closes.  Displaying the stock windows logo doesn’t help your company.

–      Change the lights at show meeting time.  A simple change of the lights directs your audience to the most important thing in the room – your presentation.  Instead of turning up the sound, dim the lights, and people will listen to you.

–      Play music before, after and during your event.  Sound systems can shape the atmosphere of a room and use them continuously to play music that either relaxes or excites depending.  Hi-fidelity sound and music is a powerful motivator.  Build suspense, add tension or just relax with carefully selected background music.  Sound effects can surprise or emphasize a point before or during the presentation.  Add some humor and you’ve got the beginnings of a meeting that people will remember!


In short, look at your A/V system and ask “How can sound, video and light help me hold attention.”

Greg Imig


Just Say No to Bored Meetings!

No Bored Meetings

The audio visual presentations industry is a dynamic field that has seen a lot of change – and we’re not done yet! Equipment and techniques, if not quality and reliability are constantly improving and now more than ever companies and organizations are relying on sophisticated audio visual to help them get their message across.

We started doing slide shows and progressed to multi-slide shows and then video projection and audio re-enforcement. In the early days it was cumbersome and costly to present images or video to large group audiences. Local event planners would be all about the breakfast buffet and seating and the slide projectors could wait in the hall until they were needed. How times have changed! Now the entire event is planned around the a/v, with visibility and impact foremost in the plan.

As a result, meetings have become much more entertaining. Live speech, punctuated with impactful video and audio information hold attention and audiences retain much more of the intended message. Our old motto was “Get the boredom out of board meetings” and bit-by-bit we’re doing it. Add colored lighting and large screen video projection and whatever the message, it will be remembered.

New technologies involving smart phones and audience interactivity promise to take us to the next level in adding excitement to meetings and conventions. Faster digital techniques allow us to include the very group we are speaking to into the presentation within minutes. The primary emphasis here will be to get the audience involved on an interactive level – again to improve the information and retention of a wide variety of subjects.

So the days of high-school lectures and slide shows are past but the power of A/V is being harnessed in new and exciting ways every day.

Greg Imig

Welcome to the IMIG website

Welcome to the IMIG website. We are excited to launch the site and would love your feedback! We have been working towards this day for many months now. IMIG is a family owned business that has been in Anchorage for multiple generations. We’ve grown and changed over the many years in business and are alway updating our equipment and technology so that we are a step ahead in the Last Frontier!
Please let us know what information would be helpful for you to access on our website and how we can keep improving to meet our client needs. Check out our facebook at and enter our contest to win a $50 prepaid Visa Card by sharing your feedback on our website!