Heidi James Frost Testimonial

Heidi James Frost Executive Director of Statewide Independent Living Council of Alaska

The customer service at IMIG is top notch. Brian handled the initial frantic call, which was when he alleviated our fears by guaranteeing that a technician would be at the Clarion by 8 AM and would bring all the equipment that could be needed. What a relief it was to know that a professional audio/visual person would fix the problem. The staff member was quick, efficient, knowledgeable and nice. All of the qualities needed when under pressure to have everything working no later than 9 AM.

We were pleasantly surprised at the amount IMIG charged us.[…] We had braced ourselves for a very large bill – since it was the last minute and we needed your help, but that didn’t happen. Instead, IMIG charged us only for the items we used. This means the world to us – especially because we do not have much room for error in our budget. So, thank you again.

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David Meril Owner of Treeforms Furniture


I was just sitting here thinking about how great it was to work with you today. Seriously…….I have worked with many editors in my career, with a range of mixed experiences. You for sure stand out of the crowd. You are on target, knowledgeable, fast and willing to do whatever necessary to get it done to your clients satisfaction. – a set of very important attributes.

I was amazed by the way you made the animation! Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to our next project.

Thank you again for your time today!

David Meril

Scott Favorite Testimonial

Scott Favorite, Visual Information Specialist, Alaska Health and Social Services

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help. Cody provided excellent clean audio for the meeting portions I videotaped. His professionalism allowed me to concentrate on the shooting and not on troubleshooting. I am compressing the audio now and it’s a breeze cause there is no noise. Thanks to you and Cody!

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Anna Sappah Testimonial

Anna Sappah, Executive Director, Alaska Addiction Professionals Association AAPA

IMIG A/V staff are reliable, prompt and always courteous. They are well equipped to handle any technical issues that may arise during our conference and have never failed to find a solution. Our experience with IMIG has been one of excellent customer service and attention to detail, customized to meet our needs.

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Marleanna Hall Testimonial

Marleanna Hall RDC Projects Coordinator Resource Development Council

The Resource Development Council (RDC) has worked with IMIG A/V for several years. RDC has used IMIG for single hour events to multiple day events, and has been impressed with the professional service provided. IMIG staffs are on time, whether it is 6 a.m. or 6 p.m., efficient, and always jump to find a solution if a new need arises. IMIG A/V can meet many customer needs, with their extensive knowledge and inventory of equipment, as well as experience with local venues.

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Lorell David Testimonial

Lorell David Meeting Planner Visions Anchorage AK

IMIG Audio Visual is one of our preferred vendors for Visions Meeting and Event Management. I personally have been working with IMIG for the past 3 years. I know that when I hire them to run my audio visual for my many conferences, things will run smoothly. Not only are they professional, but they knowledgeable with all their equipment and very dependable. I wouldn’t think twice about hiring them or referring them!

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Judy Hall Testimonial

Judy Hall Liaison Officer Alaska Retirement Board May 21 2012

The Alaska Retirement Management Board has used the services of IMIG A/V for the past six years. I have always been pleased with the professional and courteous technicians that set-up and monitor our audio/visual and teleconferencing needs whether at a hotel venue or at the Dena’ina Convention Center. IMIG staff has also traveled to Fairbanks to accommodate our annual meeting and provides the same level of service. At any location, IMIG technicians work cooperatively with our recording secretary and other staff attending the meetings. They are very knowledgeable and quick to troubleshoot any problems that might come up. The addition of Brian Bayless to the staff this past year has elevated the knowledge and professionalism of the staff to a higher level.

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