Heidi James Frost Testimonial

Heidi James Frost Executive Director of Statewide Independent Living Council of Alaska

The customer service at IMIG is top notch. Brian handled the initial frantic call, which was when he alleviated our fears by guaranteeing that a technician would be at the Clarion by 8 AM and would bring all the equipment that could be needed. What a relief it was to know that a professional audio/visual person would fix the problem. The staff member was quick, efficient, knowledgeable and nice. All of the qualities needed when under pressure to have everything working no later than 9 AM.

We were pleasantly surprised at the amount IMIG charged us.[…] We had braced ourselves for a very large bill – since it was the last minute and we needed your help, but that didn’t happen. Instead, IMIG charged us only for the items we used. This means the world to us – especially because we do not have much room for error in our budget. So, thank you again.

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