Media Production Services

Media Production Services

Creative Services

From concept to completion let’s create media for a message with impact and influence. IMIG media specializes in dynamic HD Commercials, and engaging Informative and Corporate Training Videos.

Shooting and Film Services

Whether your project is for TV Broadcast, Event Recordings or Corporate Training we consult, support and manage the solutions for your next venture. Our full line of HD gear and experience will deliver the image that you want.

Post Production

State of the art video editing systems with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, After Effects and 3D Modeling with Blender. From the imaginative to the simplest of edits of services in HD motion graphics and audio enhancement, we can cut and compile your video.

Digital Transfer

Got an old VHS, Digital 8, High 8, SP Beta tape, Reel to Reel, Film Slides, Mini Cassette, audio Cassette, that you want to watch on your computer or DVD player? We’ll transfer your older media to a format you can use today. Convert to popular formats like DVD, CD, .mov, .avi, mp4 – we have the gear.